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At Boost Fitness, our Personal Training is tailored to your goals and our Group Fitness classes are exclusive to us, designed to help you reach your goals of a healthy and fit lifestyle. Affordable, fun, fitness for EVERYbody

Are you looking to lose weight, gain strength, increase fitness and mobility?
Whatever your fitness or lifestyle goals Boost Fitness can help you. With our fully qualified, insured and registered personal trainers you know you will be in safe hands at Boost Fitness. We offer the flexibility of personal training or group fitness classes.

Personal Training –

With our Personal Training, sessions are held at our private PT studio in Seaford Meadows. These are specific to you, therefore, tailored to your personal health and fitness goals. Our personal training sessions include regular weigh ins with our body composition scales at no additional cost to you, plus body measurements. We even email you the results so you always know just how you are tracking healthwise. We also offer vitamin checks so you can evaluate your nutrition.

Best of all there is nobody to watch you work out and no waiting for equipment! There is just you and your trainer. Prices start at just $30 and we offer you a complimentary assessment PT session to start you on your way to become healthier and fitter. View images of our studio and our prices here.

We currently have some limited availability for new PT clients so please call for more info if interested –

Lisa 0405 942124 or Greg 0405 942125

Group Fitness Classes  –

We also offer group fitness classes that are exculsive to us. Because our classes are created and run by personal trainers, they are a safe and effective way to reach your fitness goals. We offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to work out in. We have fitness classes that focus on strength, toning, weight loss and improving fitness in a great social atmosphere.

Choose from one of our boxing and bodyweight based classes at our dedicated group fitness location at All Saints Primary, Seaford. With casual rates of just $10 or affordable memberships available for people wanting more classes per week. There is an option for everybody. View class descriptions, timetable, pricing and how to book here.

Why Boost Fitness?

You want to enjoy your workout and most importantly see results! So we will push you, motivate you and keep throwing new things at you. This will keep your body working hard while having some fun in the process.  Personal training sessions adapt to you as you grow stronger and fitter, and in addition, our group fitness classes change every month.

Boost Fitness is recognised as a health care provider. This means you are able to claim back the cost of your personal training or group fitness classes through health care rebates. This is dependant on your private health care provider and level of cover, so please check your health cover or ask us for more details.

When we say we understand how you feel when it comes to weight loss, we do! After constant battles with food issues and being overweight for nearly 20 years, Lisa went on to lose 45kg, and Greg lost 30kg. At Boost Fitness we know from our own experience what we are talking about, we don’t just say it. We know exactly how much effort it takes to shift those kilos both physically and mentally. This means we can equip you with the skills and knowledge to reach your goals in a safe and realistic way.


“ At Boost Fitness you get fully registered, and insured, fitness professionals. We are committed to continuing our education to provide you with the best service possible. Our PT Studio contains commercial grade equipment to train on.

All of this without the expense of a gym membership, and no lock in contracts. We are happy to show you our qualifications at any time and you can look us up on Fitness Australia for your peace of mind.

Visit our Facebook page for details of events, classes and to view testimonials from existing clients and members. ”


Lisa Moore
Lisa MoorePersonal Trainer
After losing 45kg in 2010/11 I completely stepped out of my comfort zone. I went back to full time education to qualify as a personal trainer and set up Boost Fitness.

My reason for wanting to train others was simple. After spending my entire adult life with food issues and being overweight, I wanted to pass on some of the motivation that had got me through my weightloss journey. I wanted to share my experience by helping others achieve their goals.

As a busy working mum I appreciate how hard it is to find time for yourself – but I also realise how important it is for you and your family!!

Greg Moore
Greg MoorePersonal Trainer
After watching my wife, Lisa, turn her life around and lose 45kg I also started to make switches to healthier choices. By improving the way I ate and by increasing the amount of exercise I was doing I went on to lose 30kg.

I had more energy and felt much better about myself. Each day I looked forward to the time I spent at the gym and enjoyed the outlet it gave me from the stresses of everyday life. I found I loved running along with a varied weights program at my local gym.

Once I made the decision in 2012 to close the business I had worked in for all of my adult life I went on to re-train as a personal trainer and never looked back.


Achieve Your Fitness Goals

 Affordable PT and and Group Fitness to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals