Boost Body Challenge – 12 weeks to get you healthier and fitter!

Our 12 week body challenge is designed to help you establish healthy routines to push you closer towards your health and fitness goals. First of all, we know how easy it can be to lose motivation along the way, therefore the main aim of our challenge is to help you keep focus.

We will arm you with basic tools that make those healthier switches a little easier, and, in addition, provide you with a good support network to help keep you on track.

Many 12 week body challenges purely focus on how much weight you need to lose – we want you to be healthy not thin! Because of this, our body challenge results are based on a combination of kg’s lost AND how much you can lower your bodyfat and cm’s lost through gaining muscle.

Establishing healthy habits…

Throughout the 12 weeks you will receive varying weekly workouts you can complete at home. In addition there are mini challenges that teach you that fitness can easily fit into your daily life, without taking over. Since we are not qualified nutritionalists, we won’t tell you what to eat, but we will provide you with hundreds of tasty, calories counted recipes, some of our own favourites, motivation to keep going and more!

What’s included –
  • Varied weekly home workouts x 12
  • Weekly mini challenges x 12
  • Nutritional advice and recipe e-books
  • Goal setting and mindset coaching
  • Support and motivation
  • Access to our private facebook group
  • Segmental body scan analysis x 2
  • Weight loss and fat loss results
  • Print and keep progressive home workout plan
  • We don’t provide crazy meal plans
  • Knowledge that will help you in the real world
boost fitness 12 week body challenge

A little extra support…

Most of all, we give you access to our 12 week body challenge private facebook group. Here you will gain additional knowledge from fitness professionals, plus get support from others in the same position as you. Our face to face body challenges are open to anybody that reguarly attends personal training with us. We also have body challenges available on demand through our online training packages. Keep an eye on our facebook page or email us for more information on registering for our next 12 week body challenge

Runs 12th August to 4th November 2018
Spring into Summer 12 week body challenge

boost fitness body challenge

Click to flip for our basic rules

Our face to face 12 week body challenge is exclusive to those training with us through PT

To be eligible to win any prizes you must attend at least 1 training session per week for a minimum of 9 out of the 12 weeks. You must be able to attend the alloted times for both first and last weigh ins.