About Boost Fitness

During 2010/11 I lost 45kg, I then completely stepped out of my comfort zone and went back to full time education to qualify as a personal trainer. My reason for wanting to train others was simple. After spending my entire adult life with food issues and being overweight I wanted to pass on some of the motivation that had got me through my weightloss journey, and to share my experience by helping others achieve their goals. So, to achieve this, Boost Fitness was founded.

I started working in a commercial gym as a personal trainer and boxing instructor, but soon got frustrated by waiting for equipment during sessions. It also became apparent that quite a few of my clients felt a little uncomfortable working out in the middle of a busy gym. Therefore, the decision was made to start up a private PT studio where my clients would have complete privacy. More importantly they had my undivided attention during their PT sessions. We invested in only the best equipment for our clients to use and everything in our studio is commercial grade as you would see in larger gyms.

Expanding the Personal Training team

In late 2012, as Boost Fitness thrived, my husband Greg came on board after losing over 30kg himself. He closed his company and re-trained as a personal trainer and boxing instructor. This resulted in us then being able to offer a choice of male or female personal trainer to our clients. Over the years we have also run group fitness classes, workshops and Lisa is now studying a degree in nutrition to further our services to you.

What makes us different

Because of our own lifestyles, we have first hand experience of what it feels like to live your life as an overweight person. The judgements, along with physical and mental challenges that accompany being overweight. Neither of us will ever pretend it is an easy road but it is one worth following. Your new fitter, healthier self will love you for making those changes one day in the future!

At boost fitness we never shout at clients to push harder or let them leave a session feeling they failed. Our belief is to encourage people to realise their own bodies potential.  

Personal Trainer Profile – Lisa

My name is Lisa and as a mum in her 40’s I realised there was more to life than being unhappy with my weight! So I chose to make some changes and finally do something about it. For most of my adult life I have been a serial ‘dieter’.  Although I felt I worked hard and lost weight, it would normally go back on – sound familiar?

It took me a long time to realise that I was making two pretty big mistakes that were making sure the weight always went back on – I always ‘dieted’ and I never exercised. The difference for me over the past few years has been starting a healthier lifestyle plan rather than another ‘diet’. Consistently watching what I ate and switching to healthier options. Also, the key was making sure more calories went out of my body than in by adding some gym time into the mix.

Without struggle there is no progress…

After nearly 20 years of virtually no exercise it was not easy getting my body to work hard! That first day starting out my confidence was pretty much zero. Mentally it was even tougher…if you have ever come up with an excuse not to exercise or go to the gym I guarantee I will have used it first!

Slowly I started to see results and could push myself harder as my fitness increased. Just one year on I had lost 40kg and drop from a size 24 to a size 12. No gimmicks, no magic potions or pills, no restricted diets of food that tastes like cardboard – just healthy options and moving about more. Sounds so simple now I wonder why I never done this years ago!

Knowledge is key to a healthier life

In May 2011 I qualified as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, boxing and kickboxing instructor.  Boost Fitness was then founded to help others reach their goals. May 2016 I completed my Diploma in Fitness expanding my PT experience, gaining more knowledge for re-hab training and working with those with special conditions. I am now (since 2018) enrolled in a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition and Exercise to enable us to expand our nutritional services for clients.

As somebody that has done it themselves I know how hard it is to find the time to exercise as a busy mum, how hard it is to get motivated and how hard it is to stay on track. Most of all, I also know it can be done. I am here to help you, so don’t waste any more time – contact me by email or call me today on 0405 942124 for a complimentary training session.

  • Cert 3 in Health & Fitness (group fitness instructor)
  • Cert 4 in Health & Fitness (personal trainer)
  • Diploma of Fitness (personal training specialist)
  • Level 2 Master Trainer with Australian Institute of Fitness
  • MMA for fitness (mixed martial arts) Level 1
  • THUMP boxing for fitness Level 1

  • THUMP boxing for fitness Advanced level
  • Master Trainer, THUMP boxing for fitness
  • Punchfit certified Trainer
  • Punchfit Group X in the Park – Trainer level 2
  • Kick Pad Instructor, Punchfit
  • Certificate of Food Psychology
  • Registered as a Level 2 Fitness Professional with Fitness Australia
  • Fully insured
  • Advanced First Aid
  • CPR trained
  • Currently studying Bachelor in Health Science (Nutrition and Exercise)


  • Cert 3 in Health & Fitness (group fitness instructor)
  • Cert 4 in Health & Fitness (personal trainer)
  • Level 2 Master Trainer with Australian Institute of Fitness
  • Punchfit certified Trainer
  • Registered as a Level 2 Fitness Professional with Fitness Australia
  • Fully insured
  • Senior First Aid
  • CPR trained

Personal Trainer Profile – Greg

After watching my wife turn her life around and lose 45kg I also started to make switches to healthier choices. I started a more serious weights program at my local gym. By improving the way I ate and by increasing the amount of exercise I was doing I went on to lose 30kg myself. This resulted in me having more energy and feeling much better about myself.

In addition I always looked forward to the time I spent at the gym and enjoyed the outlet it gave me from the stresses of everyday life. Due to this, during 2012 I made the decision to close the business I had worked in for all of my adult life and re-train as a personal trainer. As soon as I qualified as a personal trainer I went on to complete my Punchfit boxing training and joined Boost Fitness full time.

It’s not about what you lose, it is what you gain

I enjoy working with people, helping them to change their mindset so they can make the improvements they need too. Watching them become fitter, healthier and more confident. Over the past few years we have seen some amazing transformations, proving that with the right guidance and little extra motivation, anything is possible.

Call me today on 0405 942125 or contact me by email to book in for a complimentary training session at our private personal training studio.


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