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As Personal Trainers we are always reading health and fitness articles, researching the fitness industry, reading up on new trends and extending our own knowledge. This blog is where we will be highlighting some of the information we come across and sharing it with you. Working in the industry we have seen fads come and go. We have also seen the fitness ideas that stand up to the test of time and get results.

We will also include articles about boost fitness so you can get to know us a little better. The services we can offer you as a personal training client. You will find detailed information on our classes and which ones may be the best ones for you.

Why have a personal trainer and what is the differences between the hundreds on offer? We’ll give you a handy checklist of what to compare when shopping around.

How do I lose weight? A common question we often hear. We’ll have some articles with handy tips and mindset coaching. What to eat and how to be accountable to yourself. Plus a few tasty recipies that we enjoy ourselves! What is the difference between the classes we do? We’ll add in depth descriptions and the benefits of each class type that we offer.

Hopefully within these pages, over time as we add to them, you will find the answers to countless health and fitness questions. If not, please feel free to contact us!

health and fitness

Boxing For Fitness

Why Box? I have to admit that boxing is one of my first loves when it comes to fitness. For anyone, but especially a woman, there is something very empowering about throwing punches in [...]

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