Why Box?

I have to admit that boxing is one of my first loves when it comes to fitness. For anyone, but especially a woman, there is something very empowering about throwing punches in a safe (and non-violent) way! It’s a fantastic way to tone your body, is the perfect way to beat stress, trains eye and hand co-ordination, great cardio…..the list goes on. But most of all, as workouts go, it’s fun!

The foundations of boost fitness started in boxing. It was one of the first courses I opted for on completely my PT certification, and from that first course I was hooked! Within my first year I racked up numerous courses through Punchfit, THUMP boxing and MMA and am a master trainer with THUMP.

Get fitter, toned, have fun !

Boxing is definitely one of those workouts that will get you fitter. It’s a great cardio workout for your heart and lungs whilst working muscles throughout your whole body. We keep as technically true as we can when teaching the various punches. Safe landing and catching of punches is vital to prevent any injuries.

It doesn’t matter if you have never boxed before, we are fully qualified to teach you everything you need to know.  In our PT Studio we have fresh inners and quality gloves for your use. Using the correct technique when punching will tone your arms with no weights required! In fact, you pretty much tone and strengthen your whole body in a boxing workout. This is why it’s one of the best workouts you can do without the need for a lot of equipment.

Our tips for a great boxing workout

There are plenty of options when it comes to boxing. You can find classes in most gyms, personal trainers offering one on one boxing sessions and small group options.

Before heading into your closest class, shop around and compare. We have found over the years that what is offered as a boxing class can vary a LOT!

We are extremely proud of our qualifications in this field and have cross qualified across numerous styles to offer the best services we can. Did you know that a personal trainer can go along to just one 8 hour day of training and qualify as an instructor? We have had people come to us that have boxed  before but have no idea of what punches are called, often landing and/or catching punches incorrectly which can lead to sore wrists and shoulders.

Check out our easy checklist of what to watch for and what to avoid.

We offer both boxing and kick boxing sessions as part of our PT services, plus if you are an avid boxer at home we offer boxing combo workouts you can easily follow at home in our online training packages!

  • Check qualifications of the instructor
  • Is the instructor insured?
  • Will you be bought the punches technically true or just be ‘boxing’?
  • Do you have to know boxing to start?
  • Do you have to attend a workshop before attending boxing sessions?
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