Why Boxing for fitness?

I have to admit that boxing is one of my first loves when it comes to fitness. For anyone, but especially a woman, there is something very empowering about throwing punches in a safe (and non-violent) way! It’s a fantastic way to tone your body, is the perfect way to beat stress, trains eye and hand co-ordination, great cardio…..the list goes on. But most of all, as workouts go, it’s fun!

The foundations of boost fitness started in boxing. It was one of the first courses I opted for on completely my PT certification, and from that first course I was hooked! Within my first year I racked up numerous courses through Punchfit, THUMP boxing and MMA and am a master trainer with THUMP boxing.

Get fitter, toned, have fun !

Boxing is definitely one of those classes that will get you fitter. It’s a great workout for your heart and lungs whilst working muscles throughout your whole body. We keep as technically true as we can when teaching our boxing classes. Safe landing and catching of punches is vital to prevent any injuries.

Throughout a boost fitness boxing class you will work through a variety of punches. Each 3 minute round incorporates jabs, crosses, uppercuts, hooks, elbows and knees. We mix this with a few squats and lunges to keep you moving even when pad holding. Adding in a cardio and interval round means you are guarunteed a great workout whatever your fitness level.

It doesn’t matter if you have never boxed before, we are fully qualified to teach you everything you need to know.  We also supply all of the equipment you need at no additional cost in our classes. (Belive it or not there are trainers out there that charge additional fees for inners or hiring gloves!)

Using the correct technique when punching will tone your arms with no weights required! In fact, you pretty much tone and strengthen your whole body in a boxing class. This is why it’s one of the best workouts you can do without the need for a lot of equipment.

Body awareness and self defence

Aside from the obvious cardio and muscle strengthening there are other factors that make this a great class to add to your fitness routine. Working with a partner on pads you will improve your hand to eye co-ordination. Learning to watch for punches when holding the focus pads for your partner teaches you body awareness – you will learn to read where the punches will come from before they land. This skill is an invaluable tool for self defence if ever needed. Other basic manouveres we use in the class include ducking and weaving to evade punches. Over time this will increase your natural reaction times.

Our tips for a great boxing workout

There are plenty of options when it comes to boxing. You can find classes in most gyms, personal trainers offering one on one boxing sessions and small group options such as ours.

Before heading into your closest class, shop around and compare. We have found over the years that what is offered as a boxing class can vary a LOT!

We are extremely proud of our qualifications in this field and have cross qualified across numerous styles to offer the best services we can. Did you know that a personal trainer can go along to just one 8 hour day of training and qualify as an instructor? We have had people that attended other boxfit classes before but have no idea of what punches are called, often landing and/or catching punches incorrectly which can lead to sore wrists and shoulders.

Check out our easy checklist of what to watch for and what to avoid. Of course, we are going to be biased about our own classes. That said, our boxing classes have been going strong for over 6 years in our local area and we pride ourselves on their content.

Our boxing classes at boost fitness

If you are interested in coming along to any of our fitness classes please feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Boost Fitness boxing classes are held weekly at All Saints Primary (school gym building) on Grand Blvd in Seaford, South Australia

We provide you with fresh inners at every class and quality boxing gloves and focus pads to use. Suitable for all levels of skill and fitness. 13 years and over, male and female welcome. (13-16 years must be paired with an accompanying adult)


You can book into any of our classes quickly online from this link

  • Check qualifications of the instructor
  • Is the instructor insured?
  • Is it a technical class or a fitness class with a few punches?
  • Do you have to pay extra for inners?
  • Are there hire fees if you don’t have your own gloves?
  • Do you have to know boxing to start?
  • Do you have to attend a workshop before attending classes?
  • If outside what happens if it rains or when it’s too hot?
  • Do the classes get cancelled often?
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