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Group Fitness Classes  – Find your tribe

We started out with our original Boxfit class in 2011 with just one class per week. Since then we have grown into a selection of weekly group fitness classes. Our fitness classes are designed to tone, increase strength and fitness and promote weight and body fat loss. In addition our group fitness classes are exclusive to us, designed and run by experienced personal trainers.

Furthermore we keep our fitness classes capped in number so you have space to move, and can easily see the instructors. They also change monthly to ensure your body is always challenged, therefore getting results and you don’t get bored.

Easy booking system for our group fitness classes

We have an easy to use online booking system where you can select the group fitness classes you would like to come along too.  So, no more texting and waiting for a reply to find out if you can get into a class, or turning up to find it is full. You are able to book your fitness class simply and, in addition, can even forward book into your favourites. Payments can be made online as you book, or chose to register for the class as unpaid to come along and pay cash at the class.

You can also download the free mindbody app and search boost fitness to access our timetable and book in on the go. Our app can be paired up with your fitbit app to track all of your hard work in the classes too!

Scroll down for more info on our different group fitness classes and our timetable

Where and When

You can find our group fitness classes on Mondays and Wednesdays in the school gym at All Saints Primary School, Seaford. The classes have a great social atmosphere with no judgments about how fit you may or may not be. Most of all there are no mirrors to worry about either!

Boost Fitness caters to men and women and we welcome all fitness levels. Our classes run for 45 minutes, are suitable from complete beginners up to advanced and can be adapted where needed. Minimum age for all classes is 16 years, except boxing where 13 years and above can come along paired with a responsible adult.

Finally, we provide everything you need, including boxing gloves and inners for our boxing classes, at no additional cost. Simply turn up with some water, a small towel and plenty of energy!

“ Fitness is not about being better than anyone else, it’s about being better than you used to be ”



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Boxing for Fitness

Our boxing classes provide a fun, pad based workout to increase your cardio fitness. Also great for stress and toning your whole body. By incorporating boxing combinations and drills you get a fast paced workout. Our boxing class can be easily varied to suit your fitness and skill level. Inners, boxing gloves and focus pads are provided for use at no additional cost, or you are free to bring your own along if you have them.

  • Cardio and toning workout
  • All fitness and skill levels
  • Max 30 people per class
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Cardio Hiit Circuit

Our Cardio Hiit Circuit class works with ropes, kettlebells, tyres, agility ladders, slam balls, med balls and more. Think bootcamp meets HIIT class but indoors (all year comfort) and without the shouting! You work through 20 stations of our circuit at your own pace with 4 x 20 second work/10 second rest rounds for each exercise. Fantastic for cardio fitness and fat burning. Suitable for all fitness levels with modifications.

  • Bootcamp meets High Intensity Interval Training workout
  • All fitness levels
  • Max 20 people per class
group fitness classes with boost fitness, seaford

Strength & Abs

In our Strength & Abs class you complete a range of 20 bodyweight stations. 15 of these will give you a whole body strength and toning workout plus 5 specific ab stations to strength your core. Each round lasts 2 minutes where you can work at your own pace. This class is ideal for those wanting to increase muscle and strength without being high impact or heavy cardio. Suitable for all levels of fitness with modifications available.

  • Strenth and toning with abs specific stations
  • All fitness levels
  • Max 20 people per class

Group Fitness Class Pricing

Casual Rates –

We offer casual rates of just $10 a class. You can opt to pay online as you book or register as unpaid to pay cash at the class.


Our boost unlimited membership is $15.00 a week and includes all classes. Auto-payments are deducted from your debit/credit card fortnightly with a minimum term of  just 12 weeks.

We have no long term lock in contract and no additional fees. Should your circumstances change you can cancel at any time after the minimum term. A simple text to us will revert you back to casual rates .

Class Info

Please check our current timetable or booking app for our class times. Please ensure you arrive 5-10 minutes earlier so we can check you in and you are ready to start on time.  With our boxing class have your gloves on ready to go, with circuits grab your favourite start up spot!

Casual members please ensure the class fee is paid to the instructor prior to the start of the class if not already paid online.

Please bring a towel and water to class, wear sensible workout attire, non slip sports shoes and minimal jewellery.

Injury Reporting

Please advise the instructor of any injuries, illnesses, pregnancies etc as soon as you arrive. This will allow us to make any neccessary amendments for you prior to the start of the class. If you have any issues during the class please talk to an instructor immediately.

Please make sure to stretch at the end of the class. If you are not confident with this please ask us for advice. This is important to avoid additional soreness in your muscles after working out and to minimise long term negative effects which may lead to injury.

Class Bookings

All classes can be booked online through our booking system. This ensures you can grab your space in your favourite class ahead at any time. No having to text us and wait for a reply. With our unlimited membership all classes on our timetable are included. With casual visits you can book ahead as unpaid and pay cash at class or pay online as you book.

When booking ahead please be mindful of others. We cap the number in our classes so you have space to move, so please only book into classes you know you can attend. Waitlist is available for full classes and we will text you should a space open up.

Cancelling a Booking

You can simply cancel our through your schedule section online or through the app. We understand that life gets in the way, and sometimes you have to cancel at the last minute, but please try to make sure it’s not a regular thing.  This can lead to others missing out on that space in the class and if the cancellation is too late we are unable to bump people in from the waitlist.


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