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Online personal training – giving you more options

With our online personal training packages you will get affordable, fully tailored workouts geared towards your goals. You won’t find us offering the cookie cutter workouts you can get from an app or online program. We realise that one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to health and fitness!

Training at home, working away, go to a gym but don’t know what to do? No worries, we have you covered! Simple and effective workouts that can be completed anywhere you choose, at your convenience. Every exercise comes with complete descriptions and video demonstrations for your safety.

customised gym programs

Customised 12 week Gym Programs

Whether you are completely new to gyms or just looking for more structure we can help. Our male and female gym programs will build with you, plus you can chose to focus on muscle growth or fat burning to suit your goals.

Every week you will receive a schedule of mixed workouts (through our app or online) making use of gym equipment including weights that will progress with you.

$60 for 12 week program

online training from home

Customised 12 week Home Bootcamp

Are you a stay at home mum with younger kids? Work from home and want workouts to fit your schedule? Not a gym person but still want to work out?

You can simply let us know any equipment you own (if any) and we will provide you with a complete schedule of tailored workouts. We even get real time feedback as you complete your workouts for added accountability!

$60 for 12 week program

“ Fitness is not about being better than anyone else, it’s about being better than you used to be ”



Why personal training online?

Over the years we have had many enquiries from people that would like to train with us but can’t. It may be that we do not have availability, their work schedule or location doesn’t allow it. This is why, we have now launched our online personal training packages. Now we can reach you wherever you may be with customised workouts that will progress as you do.

Already seeing us for Personal Training?

We also have PT clients we see on a weekly basis that are looking for additional workouts to do between sessions. The workout schedule we provide through the online personal training app or website can incorporate your regular PT sessions, with additional workouts you can do at home, or the gym on alternative days.

Are you a regular Gym visitor?

There are plenty of people at local gyms that wander around, unsure what they should be doing at the gym. People often feel intimidated, simply because they are not confident in the weights area of a gym. Or they settle into a workout pattern they are comfortable with, that never changes. With our online training we can provide you with a training schedule that will progress as you do – we can even incorporate any regular gym classes into your schedule and plan other workouts around them!

Home gym never used?

Home gym equipment is notorious for being an expensive dust collector over time. People set out with good intentions but quickly get bored. If you have equipment you are not sure how to use efficiently we can provide customised workouts for you. Our simple checklist lets us know what equipment you have and your workouts will incorporate only these. No equipment? We can still provide you with varying bodyweight workouts.

Reasons to choose Online Personal Training

  • For when you cannot access a private PT studio
  • Perfect for those that work away from home often
  • Ideal if you have to travel for work
  • If you work shifts or unsociable hours
  • You are a busy mum at home with kids
  • For the convenience
  • Time efficient workouts that work around you
  • We can provide focus to your gym workouts
  • We can help if you are new to a gym and have no idea what works for you
  • Our workout programs will change with you
  • You don’t want to use a generic app
  • For focus and extra motivation for a special event
  • You need a body challenge but there are no local events on right now
  • You want a tailored affordable way to train with support
  • It’s cheaper than unused gym memberships or equipment

Fitness For EVERYbody

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