Segmental Body Scan Analysis

Every 12 weeks we complete comprehensive health screening as part of our personal training services at NO additional charge. Rather than a basic weigh in we provide you with a full segmental body scan analysis. We will then email you a comprehensive report with details of your weight, body fat, muscle and much more, for your records.

The bigger picture

With the information provided by these scans, combined with specific body measurements, we are able to track any weight loss, body fat loss and muscle gain. Using these results we can then provide you with any nutritional advice, along with goal setting, to keep you on track towards your goals. We are also able to monitor for any potential health problems that may be indicated and make any necessary referrals for you.


  • Full analysis of your body weight – body fat, muscle, bones, water
  • Muscle mass – we can track if you are gaining muscle , by how much and where
  • Body fat levels – are you losing bodyfat as well as gaining muscle?
  • Bone weight – are your skeletal levels in the healthy range?
  • Hydration levels – are you drinking enough, healthy or holding fluid

This measurements allow us to track the basics such as weight loss, body fat loss and current fluid intake.

Body fat % and total muscle mass in kg is given  then broken down into ten segmental readings –

  • Right Arm – Body fat % and muscle mass in kg
  • Left Arm – Body fat % and muscle mass in kg
  • Right Leg – Body fat % and muscle mass in kg
  • Left Leg – Body fat % and muscle mass in kg
  • Torso – Body fat % and muscle mass in kg

This allows us to check for any imbalances and see where you lose body fat and gain muscle. With general weigh in’s you can only see weight going up or down – this tells us exactly what is going on in your body.

As well as the basics we will also be able to give you  –

  • A physique rating score based on body fat to muscle ratio
  • Visceral fat level score
  • Your metabolic age – just how old is your body in relation to your real age?

These help us track your changes and assist with goal setting for you.

Measurements are taken in five key areas so we are able to monitor changes. These results combined with the results from the body scan help us to keep you on the right track to a healthier body.

As you lose body fat and gain muscle you may not always see the difference on the scales but your body will still be changing. By carrying out regular measurements we can track what is happening in your body even if the scales are not showing much!